Duchess Theatre Seating Plan

The Duchess Theatre is delightfully intimate with fewer than 500 seats spread across two levels, the stalls and dress circle. The stalls are narrow, incorporating rows A to O, and a maximum of 29 seats wide, and there’s a gap between seats 14 and 15 in every row. The last four seats in rows A to E suffer from poor views, with the back corners of the stage obscured.

The stage is raised for some productions - when this happens head for the dress circle, the best way to avoid an aching neck! The best seats in the stalls are in row G. The dress circle covers rows A to H, each row a maximum of 22 seats across, and there three steps between each row in the dress circle to take into account the steep slope.

You’ll find the stalls 20 steps down from the foyer and the dress circle 10 steps up. As a general rule the stalls tend to provide more legroom while seats in the dress circle are often best if you’re short and suffer from views obscured by taller people’s heads! But both areas offer good views of the action.